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“I became a real estate agent to mail postcards, not sell homes!”

– Literally no agent, ever

So, What do we do?

Farming.Cards Automated Campaigns

Farming.Cards Automated Campaigns

For every posting, we craft you custom branded postcard designs.

Farming.Cards Automated Campaigns

We use data to generate a mailing list of leads most likely to respond.

Farming.Cards Automated Campaigns

Enjoy first-class shipping and high-quality printing, guaranteed.

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Do less, earn more.

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In minutes, set up your automated campaigns.


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Now, whenever you sell or list a property...

Farming workflow
Farming workflow
Farming workflow


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Recieve a personalized postcard design within the same day.


Get more Leads!

Sit back and relax as we build your brand as the go-to agent in your neighborhood.

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affordable prices, high returns

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Farming.Cards Automated Campaigns
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Farming.Cards Automated Campaigns
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First-Class Shipping.
Farming.Cards Automated Campaigns
More affordable than Corefact, VistaPrint, etc.
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Customers love us

“I saw immediate results! I got 2 new leads from my first 1000 cards. They pay for themselves.”

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Lisa Gillett
Broker, Owner
Devenio Estates

“My postcards reach USPS within 2 days of a listing or sale, every time. My broker loves them too.”

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Sarah Baggott
Sexton Group

“I put off sending postcards for so long, but now I wish I found automated postcards earlier.”

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Dave King

“The postcard designs are beautiful, and I can fully customize them to my brand.”

VIP Service for Our Agents
Joe Buck

“My whole team has automated their postcard marketing. We got so much time back!”

VIP Service for Our Agents
Brandice Presley
First Team

“I sell multiple homes a day, so automating postcards saves lots of time while building my brand.”

VIP Service for Our Agents
Mohammed Alam
Founder, Broker
Alam Realty

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does this cost? We built this for efficient agents who don’t have time for multiple vendors and hidden fees. Easily budget with our simple, all-inclusive low prices that beat the competition.

What are my alternatives? Spend more of your precious time on marketing, or hire an assistant to do so. We provide you with all-in-one white-glove postcard farming at a fraction of the time and cost.

Do you have a trial? We get it, jumping into a long-term relationship is daunting no matter how perfect the partner. We've built a tool for sending a single postcard campaign in 5 minutes – try it out until you’re ready to put your marketing on auto-pilot.

Become the Go-to agent in your neighborhood with our postcards

“I saw immediate results! I got 2 new leads from my first 1000
cards. They pay for themselves.” - Lisa Gillett

Founder’s Note

“I’ve been an agent since 2000, and consistent, high-quality postcard farming has been a lead-generating cheat code for me and my agents.

While every agent is different in their approach, most agents have two challenges with growth:
1. Getting more leads
2. Saving time and money

That’s why we built Farming – to give efficient agents like you a leg-up.

In the last 5 years we’ve helped thousands of agents build their brands, generate more leads and realize their goals with more efficient mail.”

Kartik Subramaniam CEO & Founder of Farming

Kartik Subramaniam

CEO & Founder of Farming