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11 Direct Mail Marketing Tips That Are Simple and Effective

Direct Mail Marketing Tips | 04 Jan, 2021

by Jeffery Li

Reading Time: 3 Minutes

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We all like to get mail, especially if it’s something fun like an invitation or a great offer. But most people receive postal mail and email several times a week, so it’s easy to get lost in the shuffle. Thankfully, some smart strategies can help you stand out, ensuring your marketing sparks interest in you and helps you grow your audience — which will lead to potential clients.

Here are a few tips to succeed in making connections that start at the mailbox.

1. Test the Market

It may take a few tries to get your target demographic down pat. But don’t give up — once you figure out what works, it will be so much easier to continue. Every real estate market has different types of clients, different levels of wealth and potential clients with many different needs. Consider creative approaches like sending direct mailers to those living in apartment complexes or emails to local young professionals on LinkedIn. You never know who is thinking about buying real estate, and if they see your marketing materials, you’re likely who they’ll call.

2. Make Your Web Presence Known

In either print of digital mailings, always be sure to include easy-to-find information about how to contact you on social media or at your office. People want to see that their potential agent is staying relevant on social media, and by checking you out online, they can get a feel for whether you're a good fit. If they find you easily accessible, they’re likely to refer you to friends after you work together — or even call you again if they make another big decision! Always directly link your social media channels, or make it easy for someone to find them. People will lose interest if they have to search high and low.

3. Be Personal

Ever get mail that just reads “current resident” with your address? How impersonal does that feel? Include the person’s name, because a personal detail goes a very long way. If this person gets two mailers, the one that has their name will likely stick around awhile — at least longer than the one they received that could have gone to anybody.

4. Speak Highly of Yourself

Include ratings, success stories or testimonials if possible. You could even center your whole campaign around a few happy customers in your target market. Hesitancy will decrease significantly if someone sees that other people have been happy with a service.

5. Make It a Keeper

When considering USPS mail, consider adding features that will make your information less likely to go in the trash. Add a magnet to the back of your mailer so they can stick it on the fridge right away. Then, you’re right at eye level whenever they reach for a snack.

6. Provide Ways to Save

Consider including a discount or coupon that’ll get them in the door. Make the offer require them to bring the flier with them or mention it on the phone. Make their first visit free or offer a free item or upgraded service if they call soon. Everyone likes to save!

7. Focus on Cohesive Horizontal Design

Picture your client walking up the steps from their mailbox, likely at the end of the day, fumbling with groceries, keys or even more. Most of their mail, envelopes, postcards and menus will have a horizontal orientation. Don’t be an outlier, or you’ll likely get tossed. Design your mailer to be cohesive and not intrusive. Make sure they don’t have to turn it every which way to get your message. Make it easy for them.

8. Have a Purpose

When someone goes to their mailbox, there are two pressing questions in mind: "Is there anything for me?" and "Is it important?" Will your branded postcard pass these first benchmarks? In order to capture your client, be sure to print names and addresses clearly and give them a specific call to action. For example, alerting them of a potential discount if they bring the postcard into the store is a great way to get clients into your stores or onto your websites.

9. Ensure Clean and Straightforward Design

There's nothing more frustrating than trying to decipher a piece of mail and ending up confused. This frustration often leads to a company's worst fear: ending up in the recycling bin. To keep clients interested and to avoid being cast aside, cut out hard-to-read fonts, cluttered images or long passages of text. Stick to the basics with simple design and a "less is more" attitude.

10. Ensure On-Point Branding

When it comes to branding, one size does not fit all. This especially applies to direct mailing campaigns. Logos, imagery and copy need to appropriately reflect the medium — or in this case, a 4 x 6 postcard. Does your slogan fit on the card? Would copy from an email campaign make sense for this card? Answers may vary, but on average, your brand will need to adjust slightly to meet the needs of a postcard-sized space and vibe. Even better, try leaning into the "old-school" nature that a postcard provides by trying out a vintage appeal. Pictures of your company when it first founded? A slogan that relays to the customer that they have "been #1 since Day 1?"

11. Do Your Homework

Chances are your clients receive thousands of advertisements per day from companies across the world. How is your mail different from the rest, and how are you going to leave a lasting impression? The best marketing campaigns engage the consumer because they relate to the message or it stands out from the rest of the bland advertisements they see on a daily basis. To achieve the best results with your campaign, search for companies like yours to see what they've been up to. Pretend to be a customer for a day and compare two similar advertisements. Your goal is to win out over your competition with originality and personalized marketing that's well thought out.

Best of Luck to Your Future Direct Mail Campaigns

Direct mail is a great way to get exposure. It’s often less expensive than billboards or other advertising methods and it can be passed around and seen by many sets of eyes. Figure out what works for you, and you'll likely see plenty of success.



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