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Direct Mail Marketing Tips

11 Direct Mail Marketing Tips That Are Simple and Effective

We all like to get mail, especially if it’s something fun like an invitation or a great offer

standard 4x6 postcard for real estate direct mail
Direct Mail Marketing Tips

How to Choose the Best Postcard Size for Direct Mail

Direct mail is one great way a business can expand their reach and gain new leads

direct mail postcards and letters inside mailbox
Direct Mail Marketing Tips

Nailing Direct Mail Marketing: Letters vs. Postcards

Getting ready to start a campaign in the luxury real estate market? You might be tempted to use digital outlets only — but don’t

mailbox containing direct mail from business
Direct Mail Marketing Tips

How Much Does Direct Mail Cost: An Inside Look

Have you considered using direct mail to reach potential clients? It's important to understand the actual costs of your effort, especially if you're thinking about getting started in luxury real estate

low interest rates for direct mail marketing
Direct Mail Marketing Tips

4 Direct Mail Strategies for the Mortgage Industry

Mortgage lenders can generate more business when they advertise their services through direct mail

prospect holding direct mail postcards
Direct Mail Marketing Tips

5 Common Direct Mail Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Whether it's your envelope, your list or your copy, there are plenty of ways people make mistakes with their direct mailings

first class direct mail inside mailbox
Direct Mail Marketing Tips

Understanding the Difference Between First-Class and Standard- Class Mail

When you're sending out direct mail, you may think that the type of postage service you use makes little difference